Live from Dixville Notch

Live from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, here are the first results from the First in the Nation primary in this 2016 election:


— John E. “Jeb” Bush (Coral Gables, Florida)
— Benjamin S. “Ben” Carson (West Palm Beach, Florida)
— Christopher J. “Chris” Christie (Mendham, New Jersey)
— Stephen B. Comley, Sr. (Rowley, Massachusetts)
— Timothy D. “Tim” Cook (Browns Summit, North Carolina)
— Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz (Houston, Texas)
— Brooks A. Cullison (Olney, Illinois)
— Matthew “Matt” Drozd (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
— J. Daniel Dyas, Sr. (Daphne, Alabama)
— Cara “Carly” Fiorina (Lorton, Virginia)
— James “Jim” Gilmore (Richmond, Virginia)
— Lindsey Graham (Seneca, South Carolina)
— Michael “Mike” Huckabee (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)
— Kevin Glenn Huey (Aurora, Colorado)
— Walter N. Iwachiw (Sunnyside, New York)
— Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
3- John R. Kasich (Westerville, Ohio)
— Richard F. “Frank” Lynch (Jupiter, Florida)
— Robert L. Mann (New Albany, Indiana)
— Anthony R. “Andy Martin” Martin-Trigona (Manchester, New Hampshire)
— Stephen John McCarthy (Fairborn, Ohio)
— Peter Messina (Brandon, Florida)
— George Pataki (Garrison, New York)
— Randal H. “Rand” Paul (Bowling Green, Kentucky)
— Chomi Prag (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin)
— Joseph “Joe” Robinson (Brookline, Massachusetts)
— Marco A. Rubio (West Miami, Florida)
— Richard J. “Rick” Santorum (Great Fall, Virginia)
2- Donald J. Trump (Manhattan, New York)
— Richard P. H. Witz (Spencer, Massachusetts)
Write in:


— Joseph “Joe” Adams (New York, New York)
— Stephen “Steve” Burke (Heuvelton, New York)
— Hillary Clinton (Chappaqua, New York)
— Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (San Diego, California)
— Eric Elbot (Groton, Massachusetts)
— William D. “Bill” French (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
— Mark Stewart Greenstein (West Hartford, Connecticut)
— Henry Hewes (New York, New York)
— Brock C. Hutton (Lindtricum, Maryland)
— Keith Judd (Midland, Texas)
— Lloyd Kelso (Gastonia, North Carolina)
— Steven Roy Lipscomb (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
— Star Locke (Harlingen, Texas)
— Robert Lovitt (Lexington, Kentucky)
— William H. McGaughey, Jr. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
— Raymond Michael Moroz (Colonie, New York)
— Edward T. O’Donnell, Jr. (Bridgeport, Pennsylvania)
— Martin J. O’Malley (Baltimore, Maryland)
4- Bernard “Bernie” Sanders (Burlington, Vermont)
— Graham Schwass (Haverhill, Massachusetts)
— Samuel H. “Sam” Sloan (Bronx, New York)
— Edward Sonnino (New York, New York)
— Michael A. Steinberg (Tampa, Florida)
— Vermin Supreme (Rockport, Massachusetts)
— David John Thistle (Manchester, New Hampshire)
— James Valentine (Miami Beach, Florida)
— Richard Lyons Weil (Fort Collins, Colorado)
— John Wolfe (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Write in:

Update: After posting from Dixville, I drove over to Millsfield (the next town to the east along NH Rte. 26), to get the results. Very little media there — all the satellite trucks were at Dixville Notch. Anyway, from Millsfield:

Trump — 3
Cruz — 9
Rubio — 1
Kasich — 1
Bush — 1
Christie — 1
Fiorino — 1
Paul — 1

Clinton — 2
Sanders — 1

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A Random Election-Year Thought

The only poll that counts is the one at the ballot box.

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The Unified Doyle-Macdonald Arisia Schedule

Come see us at Arisia in Boston this weekend!

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What I’m Up To

This weekend Doyle and I will be at Arisia down in Boston.

On Monday I’ll be teaching Naloxone Community Training in Littleton (at the North Country Health Consortium).

Then, on Friday the 22nd I’ll be doing a couple of evening hours of table-side magic at the Black Bear Tavern in Colebrook.

So that’s what I’m up to.

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Sometimes I Go to the Movies

For those interested in historical accuracy, Owen Chase was a native of Nantucket, and Herman Melville had sailed with his son.

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So There I Was, Mousing Around the Internet….

…when I found a list that’s supposed to be the Ten Best Horror Movies of the Last Ten Years.

And right there in the #1 slot, there’s a French movie, Inside.

And here’s this Horror Movie Reviewer saying,

I pride myself on never covering my eyes during horror movies–I’ve seen it all. Right? Well, I thought I had before Inside. I can vividly remember four moments when I closed my eyelids. Actually covering my face with my hands, though, that only happened once….

So, I saw this film.

And, first, I didn’t close my eyes, far less cover my face, even once. It looked like another day at work, to be honest. I deal with crap like that. (Note for folks coming in late: I’ve been an EMT for the past eighteen years, and before that I was military.)

And, it was silly.

Suppose, just for a moment, that you are a police officer. Your two partners have gone to a house to do a health-and-welfare check on a nice young lady who had reported a prowler earlier in the evening, while you stay back in the car guarding a prisoner. You hear gunfire, and your partners don’t return. You:

(a) Get on the car radio to Dispatch and say, “Officer in distress. I need backup,” or,

(b) Handcuff the prisoner and put him on a leash to take him with you while you go into the house.

Okay, say that you were drunk, stupid, and crazy, and took option (b) above.

Inside the house you find at least four brutally murdered folks, including your two partners, and a heavily pregnant and badly injured young lady who gives you to understand that her attacker is still somewhere in the building. Suddenly, the lights go out!

Do you:

(a) Say “Bugger all this for a lark,” and get back to your car pronto, there to call Dispatch to say, “Officer down. Send backup. Send EMS. Send SWAT. Send Ghod and the world,” or,

(b) Give the young lady your weapon to protect herself while you go searching for the fuse box in order to get lights back on, while the prisoner holds your flashlight for you.

Option (b) again!

“Facepalm” in not the same as “covering your face.”

No one who sees Inside will ever call it “silly.”

Oops. I just did.

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Peeve of the (New Year’s) Day

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It’s the Longest Night of the Year

Q. What do the Starks say to each other on the first day of winter?

A. “Told you so.”

The solstice is at 2348 (Eastern Time) tonight.

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Peeve of the Day

Radio waves, as it happens, have three attributes: amplitude, frequency, and phase. Information can be encoded in any of them: AM is Amplitude Modulation and FM is Frequency Modulation.

It’s also possible to encode information by Phase Modulation, and I suspect that this is where Roddenberry got the name for the weapon.

Using a concept that goes back to Poe, putting something out of phase with the rest of the world would make it apparently vanish from that world.

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I blame Star Trek.  (The Original Series, of course.  ST-TOS was the s-f show of my adolescence, and I imprinted on it hard.  Next Gen was weak tea – Earl Grey, hot — by comparison.) The weapon of choice for Kirk and Spock and everybody else who was boldly going on the starship Enterprise was the phaser, that handy gadget that looked like a bar of soap and either stunned the target or caused him/her/it to vanish completely, dealer’s choice.  (I shudder to think about the complexities of investigating murders and disappearances in the Star Trek universe, given the availability of that kind of murder weapon and body-disposal tool in one easily-concealed package.   Private ownership of phasers and related weapons would have to be as illegal as hell, which would of course lead to a thriving black market in same.  But those are not the stories that Star…

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Presented for Your Amusement

What did Santa say when he got stuck upside-down in a chimney?


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