Where We’ll be Tomorrow

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Magical Stuff

We went down to Merrimack last Saturday, and did indeed do magical things.  Here’s a live action shot (from Doyle’s phone):


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Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Assuming that the Toadstool Bookstore in Peterborough, New Hampshire is near you, that is.

Reading and signing.  Doyle, me, and a bunch of the other authors from the Conspiracy! anthology.  Looking for May Day gifts for your family and friends?  A copy of Conspiracy! is just what they all want!


Event date:
Saturday, April 23, 2016 – 2:00pm
Event address:
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A Conspiracy Review

Over at Amazing Stories we find,

The reviewer (Ricky L. Brown) was kind, describing the anthology as “some of the most thought provoking conspiracy works available.”

Yes, yes, but what did he say about our story?

“One Night in Bavaria” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald – This is a complex story that ties the Bavarian Illuminati to the sordid tales that surrounded the controversial Ludwig II and makes one wonder just what other influences lay hidden throughout history.

So:  Conspiracy.  Buy one!  Better still, buy a dozen!  They make excellent gifts.


Also:  A big honkin’ sample.  Complete stories!

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Come See Some Magic

Jim_Macdonald_MagicianWhere I’ll be next week will be at the Merrimack Crimeline K-9 Benefit Magic Show.  On Saturday, 16 April, I, along with some excellent performers from Granite State Magicians will be entertaining folks at American Legion Post 98, 43 Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack, NH, beginning at 10 in the morning.

Y’all come!

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April Showers Seasonal Special Time

Tell all your friends! If you don’t have any friends, make some friends, then tell them!

Dr. Doyle's Editorial and Critique Services

Because it is now, at least in theory, spring (the thermometer got down to 10°F last night, so what it is in practice is something else again), it’s time once more for a Seasonal Special Offer.

Sample Spring Gift Certificate2016Small

From now through the 15th of April, in hope of warmer and brighter days to come, my usual rate for a full line-edit and critique for a standard-weight novel drops back to $1000.

Furthermore, you can purchase a gift certificate for a friend or colleague at the seasonal price, to be redeemed by the recipient at whatever future date they find convenient.  Needless to say – but I’ll say it anyway – you can also take advantage of this seasonal offer to pre-purchase a line-edit and critique for yourself on the same terms.

Also, for your amusement:  How to make a gingerbread TARDIS.

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Matters of Definition; or, Why Definitions Matter

“‘Tis magic, magic that hath ravished me….”

If you know a six-year-old, buy them a Ball Vase. It’s the classic path into this art, and the classic age to get started if you’re going to do this professionally…..

Dr. Doyle's Editorial and Critique Services

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Our latest short story is in the NESFA Press anthology, Conspiracy! edited by Judith K. Dial and Thomas Easton.

Buy one! Better still, buy a dozen! They make excellent gifts!

Side-by side comparison, first draft vs. finished story.

The first draft, page one:

“Turtles and Frogs”

The day was pleasant enough; the sort of blue-sky and mild temperatures with which Bavaria is blessed in September. The lookout tower above the Schwansee was cool and gray; against its base a young Briton sat, contemplating the lake. He coughed, delicately, into a linen pocket handkerchief.

Young Cecil Rhodes was on his way from London to Natal, South Africa, for his health. A delicate lad, his parents were sending him to live with his brother for a while in hopes that what appeared to be consumption (a family curse) would not take him. A letter delivered to him as he was boarding ship, a letter stamped with a sigil that he dared not ignore, had directed this detour to the Kingdom of Bavaria. And now, despite his polite reception at Hohenschwangau Castle (where, he was informed, His Majesty was not in residence), he was left cooling his heels. So a walk in the forest, amid the aspens and pines, and a contemplation of the lake, promised to fill his afternoon.

The story as submitted, page one:

“One Night in Bavaria”

The lookout tower above the Schwansee was cool and grey; against its base a slender, fair-haired young Briton sat contemplating the lake. He coughed, delicately, into a linen pocket handkerchief.

The youth’s parents–Francis and Louisa Rhodes, of Hertfordshire–believed their son Cecil to be at that moment on a sailing vessel bound for Natal, South Africa. There he was meant to live for a while with his brother, in hopes that the salubrious air of the Cape would prevent him from being taken by the consumption that was the family curse.

So would he have been, had he not received, in a packet just before his intended departure, a letter in an unknown hand under an unknown seal, greeting him by name and saying you are destined to greatness. It bade him to make his way to the Kingdom of Bavaria, where further knowledge awaited him, and provided letters of credit and introduction sufficient to make the diversion possible.

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What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Speakers caution English students on dangers of fake publishers and agents

Every English student dreams of writing and publishing a book, but most aren’t aware of the dangers of fake publishers and literary agents. Authors Debra Doyle and James Macdonald sought to educate those aspiring writers through a humor-laden presentation sponsored by the English department Tuesday afternoon in the Philip E. Austin building.

Fantasy Duo Macdonald and Doyle visit UConn

On Tuesday evening, the University of Connecticut was visited by two icons of the fantasy and science fiction world, James D. Macdonald and Debra Doyle. Together, MacDonald and Doyle have collaborated on over thirty novels together, ranging everywhere from movie novelizations such as “Mortal Kombat”, to their sci-fi, award-winning novel, “Knight’s Wyrd.”

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Some day the urge may come to you. You’ll say to yourself, “Why not watch Little Dead Rotting Hood“?

There you’ll be in the video-rental place, and there it’ll be on the shelf right in front of you. The money will be in your pocket. It’ll be calling to you. “Watch me! Watch me!” You could rent it right now.

Your hand will move toward it. “Why not?” you’ll ask. “How bad could it be?”

Stop! Right there! Don’t do it! Save yourself!

How bad could it be?

You have no idea. There are some things no one was meant to know and how bad it could be is one of those things.

I know, the title is intriguing. Fascinating. It shimmers with hints of the dark and numinous. It promises brilliance.

Contemplate the title. Then … rent another movie.


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