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Abbott’s Magic Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Add these to the list of Free Magic, if you’re willing to spend the time looking for the Easter Eggs. Holidaze Bally Prediction Simplex 4 Ace Trick TEN Who Done It A Box of Matches Trick 50 Kute Coin Tricks … Continue reading

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Tales from the Before Time: Finding Fandom

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
The internet, as usual, has changed everything. These days, any young sf/fantasy reader or watcher with access to a computer can connect with other likeminded souls in a matter of minutes, if not…

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Springtime Seasonal Special

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
It’s time again for my traditional springtime special offer: Yes.  From today through the 16th of April, my usual rate of $1500 for a line-edit and critique on a typical 80,000-100,00 word novel…

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What to Bring to a Book-Signing

So you’re doing your first book-signing. A handy list of things to put in the back of your car from our friends the Romance Writers (add or subtract according to your situation and preferences): Tablecloth Candies* and dish Flowers Props … Continue reading

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Why Authors Go Mad, Reason Number I’ve-Lost-Track-By-Now

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
Author Seanan McGuire (who is also Mira Grant and I think somebody else I’ve forgotten) has just received — on a tight deadline, of course — a beyond-the-copyedit-from-hell copyedit: The copyeditor did a…

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Climate Change At Walden Pond

Climate change is real, it’s happening, it’s measurable, and humans are causing it. Here’s some more primary date for anyone interested: a free e-book from the University of Chicago Press: Walden Warming: Climate Change Comes to Thoreau’s Woods by Richard … Continue reading

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SFF Newgroup Posts

Accessing Newsgroup Archives by FTP For a very limited time (now through through mid-morning April 2nd, 2017), you may access the newsgroup archives using FTP. Here are the settings you’ll need: Host: Protocol: FTP Port: 21 Encryption: Explicit FTP … Continue reading

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Magic Show April 8th

MAGIC SHOW APRIL 8, 2017 HELP MERRIMACK CRIMELINE TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME I’ll be one of the performers.  Y’all come.

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Crips Angle: Mind Frick

Okay, so who knew: there’s an entire sub-genre of Criss Angel parodies. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a guy who  makes a career in the performing arts, entertains people, and generally does no harm (except perhaps to the loonies … Continue reading

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Albacon, Upcoming

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
Himself and I will be at Albacon in Albany NY this weekend — it’s at the western edge of our traveling periphery, and it’s a small, low-key convention that we’ve always enjoyed whenever…

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