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The Magicians’ Marching Song

(To the tune of The Caissons Go Rolling Along)   Over hill, over dale, Catching rabbits by the tail Magicians go strolling along! Classic force, side-steal too, I’ve got your card inside my shoe Magicians go strolling along! Then it’s … Continue reading

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Healthcare, of course

Or, something freelancers don’t get.  

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Erase Una Vez en el Oeste

Today is the anniversary of a couple of iconic events from the Wild West:  One of the first, if not the first, actual middle-of-the-street quick-draw gunfighter duels,  and the first train robbery by the Younger-James gang (not the first train … Continue reading

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The Magic Contest

The results of the first annual Granite State Magicians’ New England Magic Contest, held last Sunday in Peabody, MA: In first place, Jude Giordano of Agawam, MA. In second place, Tristan James of Kingston, RI. In third place, Brad Beady … Continue reading

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Peeve Plus

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
Today’s peeve, because I haven’t been peevish for a while: Listen up, people.? The phrase you’re aiming for isn’t “make due.”? It’s “make do.” I know that homonyms are tricky, and “do” and…

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At the G-20

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In-Door Amusements

My friends, I invite your attention to Modern pastime, or, In-door amusements including ventriloquism–parlour magic–elementary gymnastics–billiards–fun, and flirtation, forfeits, etc., etc. published by Frederick Warne in 1871. If you turn to page 30, the opening of the section on Parlour … Continue reading

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Summer 2017 Recovery Coach Academy Training

The North Country Health Consortium is pleased to announce the second and last of two 5-day intensive Recovery Coach Academy trainings to provide students with the skills to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or … Continue reading

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Royal Road To Card Magic – A (Returning) Beginner’s Advice – Part 2: OH Shuffle Progression And An Introduction To Theory (sorta)

Guest post by Jack Viktor. Originally posted on Reddit r/magic Ok, so you did everything in Part 1!? Good. You’ve now over-practiced a move that you will now use for the rest of your life,  especially in walk-around performances. Be … Continue reading

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A Bit of Amusement

Originally posted on Dr. Doyle's Blog:
(God knows, we need it.) If you were raised in (or have ever lived for an extended time in) the South, this is hilarious: “Tennessee Williams with Air Conditioning” (I read an article…

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