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Benefit Concert (Mexico and Puerto Rico)

Benefit Concert for the relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico Saturday, October 7 at 3:00 pm Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Illinois Suggested donations taken at the door: Adults $10, Children $5 Additional donations are appreciated. Cash … Continue reading

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How It Turned Out

Some of y’all may recall the post From My Mail a while back, requesting votes to get a grant from State Farm for Camp Mariposa in Nashua, NH. Camp Mariposa is a mentoring and addiction prevention program for youth (ages … Continue reading

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The news lately is full of the word “dotard,” and all of the news sources feel compelled to add a definition.   As if everyone didn’t already know what dotard meant.  In the small fishing village whence I come, “Dotard!” is … Continue reading

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From my mail

My connection with this group: Sometimes I do magic for them. —- I’m proud to announce that the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua’s Camp Mariposa has been selected as one of 200 finalists in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® … Continue reading

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Healthcare, of course

Or, something freelancers don’t get.  

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At the G-20

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Climate Change At Walden Pond

Climate change is real, it’s happening, it’s measurable, and humans are causing it. Here’s some more primary date for anyone interested: a free e-book from the University of Chicago Press: Walden Warming: Climate Change Comes to Thoreau’s Woods by Richard … Continue reading

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Fairness for Politicians

Congress wants to take away health insurance from Americans?  Cool.  Let’s take away government-subsidized heath insurance from Congress and their families.  They’re all millionaires; they can afford to buy insurance on the economy. Sign the Petition.    

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I Like Reality…

…I live there.  It’s where I keep my stuff.   Now comes the news that Trump pressured Park Service to find proof for his claims about inauguration crowd On the morning after Donald Trump’s inauguration, acting National Park Service director … Continue reading

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I’d Thought I Was Done with Politics

After reprinting the Whig and Republican songbooks from 1844 and 1888 I thought I’d be done with this.  But hey, it’s time to stand up for truth. Who knew that Teen Vogue would be a bastion of hard-hitting journalism? The … Continue reading

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